Wedding gown

April, 2010

The universal image of a bride is one with a svelte figure wearing a luscious flowing wedding gown. She makes a pretty picture with an elegant looking groom by her side. Unfortunately, not all brides are slim and not all grooms are tall and lanky. Brides-to-be who are on the L or XL end of the measuring tape have to be more careful in choosing their plus size bridal gowns. They should learn a few tricks on what kind of gown to look for.
In the first place, they should know where to shop. There are stores that specialize in plus size clothing, including bridal gowns. They should stop dreaming about the fancy wedding dress that they saw in a boutique’s window display. It is more likely that they will find just the right dress in places that specialize in large sizes. A bonus is that they will not feel embarrassed. Assistants in these places serve plus size customers all the time.

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