Tiara weddings


The bride is the center of attention in any wedding. Everyone, even bystanders, wants a glimpse of the bride. Hence, every bride must make sure she looks her best on her special day. Here are some tips:
~ Choose your make-up artist wisely. Find an artist who can work with the look you want. If you can, arrange a trial make-up session to check if you’ve got rapport with her and if you like her work.
~ Decide on the hairstyle that will accentuate your features. Would you like your hair long and flowing? Or do you prefer it upswept?
~ Pick your accessories. Add a tiara for that princess look or a jeweled comb for that classy, elegant effect.
~ Smile. Nothing beats blooming from within. Because it is your wedding day, be happy. A radiant bride will shine the brightest when she’s truly, madly, and deeply in love.

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