The next wedding fad silk flower bouquets

The next wedding fad: silk flower bouquets

For all those brides who hold their bouquets dear and shed a tear when they begin to decay and fall apart weeks after the nuptials, there is an option. Silk. Forever beautiful, never wilting or pinning required, silk bouquets can be tailor made and include a variety of flowers, just like a bouquet made of the real thing. This is something fast becoming popular in the wedding realm.
Two years ago, silk flower bouquets were an idea laughed at by soon-to-be-brides. The idea was equal to dressing your wedding part in pink camo or dressing your groom in a t-shirt tux. Now, however, times have changed. Silk flowers are being made like art, with beautiful petals and painstaking work done to make sure the stems look just as, if not more beautiful than the original. Now brides are turning to this advent and seeing the positives. A beautiful wedding bouquet that never wilts. Can you say symbolism for a perfect marriage?

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