Successful wedding weddings

Successful wedding

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of the perfect wedding. Though, perfection isn’t really relative on the setting and the decorations. I was more into thinking about how perfect the food would be. My mom and dad are great cooks and they used to have a catering business when they were young. That’s why the definition of the perfect wedding for me is a wedding that has the most tastiest and good looking food.
Finally, my husband and I recently got married and I can say that out wedding was a huge success. The both of us met at culinary school and we planned all the food to be served at our reception. Though we couldn’t help with cooking, we made sure that the caterer knew what we wanted. I even pressured our baker to bake fancy cupcakes for our fancy wedding. Thankfully, they complied and all the food on our table tasted and looked so good.

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