Perfect wedding flowers weddings

Perfect wedding flowers

Ever since I can remember, I have always looked forward to the day when I will get married to my boyfriend of almost eight years. We have postponed our wedding a lot of times due to priorities in our career and that’s why when he finally proposed officially, I felt like I was on cloud nine. He proposed with a bouquet of calla lilies in his hand because he knows that they are my favorite flowers. That’s why when the wedding preparations were being made, I made sure that those flowers will in our wedding.
When our wedding day arrived, my bouquet was composed of white calla lilies and they were really a thing of beauty. The church was also filled with the flowers and even my guests commented that they loved the clean and beautiful look it gave out during the wedding. On the other hand, our reception was filled with mini calla lily bulbs that were the center pieces of each table. I chose different colors and combined them together and it was really beautiful. So all I can say is, those lilies are the perfect wedding flowers you could use on your very special day!

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