My choice of wedding accessories

Wedding accessories

When I got married three years ago, I told my wedding planner I was on a tight budget. I made a list of wedding accessories I was willing to scrimp on as well as other wedding matters I would splurge on. However, coming from an advertising background and having worked with some of the best creative people in the industry, I realized I had to pay attention to the small details to achieve my dream wedding. As the wedding date got closer and closer, I became obsessed with finding tasteful yet affordable wedding accessories to match my simple wedding gown. I decided then that my accessories needed the same amount of attention as the cake, the gown, the food, and the photographer.
My choice of shoes were crucial, I wanted something simple, elegant, and comfortable for me to dance to all night long. The jewelry I chose to wear was modern and simple so as not to draw attention from my vintage inspired gown. Other wedding accessories included monogrammed table napkins with our initials, guest name cards and favors. The invitations were given much attention as well. Our burgundy motif was evident in the choice of color, flowers and décor. All in all, a wedding is best enjoyed when it is made your own.

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