Finally my own wedding cake weddings

Finally, my own wedding cake

I have been dreaming of a beautiful wedding since I was a child. You may call me cheesy and old-fashioned but ever since I can remember all I wanted to have was a wedding in a church and a reception filled with people that I love. I have seen my friends get married and I was really anxious when my boyfriend for five years will finally propose. He finally did last year and we are ready to get married next month.
I found the kindest wedding coordinator that was suggested by a close friend and w worked hand in hand with even the tiniest details of the wedding. Everything was settled and the last one on our list was the cake. I have seen cakes from various weddings and I wanted mine to be unique. That’s when she suggested a wedding cupcake tower that she said could be customized by a baker that she knows. It now has the final design and we had the taste test for the cupcakes and it was glorious! I can’t wait for the wedding and that unique cake!

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