Dont forget the guest book weddings

Don’t forget the guest book

When you are planning for your wedding there is so much to think about; hairs, veils, guests, invitations, food, were, when, really? In the hustle and bustle of it all it is easy to forget some of the most treasured memories of your wedding in years to come-the guest book. This little book will be tucked away next to your photo album filled with well wishes and a record of all those that attended your wedding.
Guest books can be used as a great way to make sure you have the right address to send your thank yous and a cherished way to read the thoughts and well wishes of your guest.
Since guest books often get over looked, not just well you are planning but as guests enter it is also a good idea to ask someone to be your guest book attendant. This job is a great way to include a special someone in the wedding party and they can be very helpful in pointing guests in the right direction as they enter your wedding destination.
Make sure you have a pen for guests to write with as well. Plan on having your guest book table placed as guests enter the party and often they are near the gift table so guests can drop off gifts at the same time.

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