A symbol of familial unity weddings

A symbol of familial unity

May 18th, 2011 A more recent addition to the wedding ceremony is the lighting of unity candles. This is a part of the ceremony that symbolizes the coming together of two families – the bride’s and the groom’s – into a single familial union. Members of each family, usually the mothers of the bride and groom light a central unity candle using taper candles. The unity candle is usually larger than a taper candle. This is a tradition that is commonly practiced in the United States and Canada.
A unity candle need not be elaborate. A simple but beautiful white palm wax will make an elegant main ingredient in the unity candle ceremony. The bride and groom will make preparations by looking at different varieties of unity candle sets and choosing one that goes with their wedding theme. A set will usually consist of a large pillar candle and two smaller taper candles. Some are personalized with inscriptions chosen by the couple and kept as souvenirs after the wedding.

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