Tips from the flower experts weddings

Tips from the flower experts

Get a Mock Up
To ensure that wedding flowers that are the correct style and color on your wedding day – ask your florist to provide a mock-up of each floral item ordered. Reputable shops should be able to do this.
— Scott Seltzer, Embellished – Princeton, WI
Scaled to Size
Your bridal bouquet should be no larger than your face or head; even a cascading bouquet should be about as wide as your face. Extra large bouquets overpower the bride and photograph well.
— Pamela Carpman, Price Images – Marshfield, MA
Come Prepared
Before meeting with your florist, collect a variety of images from bridal magazines and websites. On the corner or back of each one, write mini-editorials about what you like or don’t like. (i. e. – I like the colors, don’t like the shape, are these flowers available, can I have the same bow, etc.) After awhile, you’ll have a very specific idea about your likes and dislikes and will be able to articulate them clearly to your florist.
—Kathie Colella – Jardiniere – Portsmouth, NH
Make it Count
In decorating your event spaces, remember the importance of your guests’ first impressions as they enter your ceremony or reception settings. Brides often spend a lot of money on things that go largely unnoticed. If budget is a concern, first spend on areas that are the most noticeable – such as arrangements in the entrance way or candles on ledges, windowsills or walkways.
—Loretta Barnes – Amaranth Florist – Narberth, PA

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