Place card holder weddings

Place card holder

Weddings can be stressful and a lot of fun at the same time. Sometimes brides tend to pour or stress over minute details. One such detail is whether to put places cards for the wedding guests. We all know that a lot of guests don’t want to be seated with others and would rather sit with people they know or they just met. I have seen guests change the place cards. I couldn’t resist having them. They added a subtle elegance to the whole set-up. I not only had place cards with the guests’ names on them, I had a place card holder of each of the cards too.
A wedding place card holder is needed to hold your place cards. If you search online, there are several place card holders available. Place card holders come in all shapes and designs. There are formal ones that come in frames, some on miniature chairs, and others in silver and gold colors. There are also alternative place card holders for the casual couple like those that are in the shape of sailboats, grills, animals and so much more.

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