Make your favors the centerpiece weddings

Make your favors the centerpiece

One great way to save money on your big day is to combine your centerpieces with your party favors. Centerpieces are a main part of your decorations and can have all sorts of functions. From the traditional arrangement of flowers, to a more personal choice to wishing wells surrounded by pens for guests to make well wishes to you, to a way to entertain children, centerpieces make a statement about your wedding and can make you and your guests enjoy the day more.
Give your centerpieces a little bit of thought and planning. You don’t want the flowers wilting or chocolate melting. I once even heard a horror story of someone who decided to combine votive candles under a tiny goldfish bowl-you can just imagine how that turned out.
You can get very creative with your centerpiece ideas, make them match your theme, make them simple, or the most talked about part of the day.
One of the greatest ideas is to combine your wedding favors with your centerpiece. My girlfriend gave out miniature feed bags filled with candy at her cowboy wedding. They looked adorable in the center of each table, were a great conversation piece and fun to take home. Another great idea is votive candles holders lighting the center of the tables, or you can even fill each one with a small flower.
Remember to take into consideration your wedding theme, location and your personal style when choosing your favor. Favors and centerpieces don’t have to be combined that if they are the results can be gorgeous and affordable.

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