Favors should fit the theme of the wedding weddings

Favors should fit the theme of the wedding

Wedding favors should be chosen with care. They have to complement the theme of the wedding. Think of colors, images and items that are closely associated with the theme of the wedding. A fall wedding will connote blazing colors of reds, oranges and greens. Brown is also a color of autumn. Use them in the linen and candleholders. They will be a fitting backdrop for the fiery colors of autumn leaves.
Some ideas for fall wedding favors will include leaf shaped chocolates in the autumn colors. Another way of presenting chocolates as a wedding favor is to stuff them into small brown boxes and tie then up with gold ribbons. You can also create autumn inspired candle holders. They can double as guest cards. Some fall wedding favors you can make yourself if you are a little savvy in the kitchen. You can bake mini cakes with the leaf motif.

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