Bride fitness weddings

Bride fitness

A new sports craze amongst women is sweeping the nation. It was born out of necessity. It is called bride fitness. It is basically a short term sports and wellness program, usually 8 to 12 weeks, to get the bride to be in tip top shape on their wedding day. It is usually unsustainable because of its extreme measures but can be use to jumpstart a sporting regimen.
Sometimes all one needs to get up and exercise is a push and an amazing short term results. Once that goal is achieved, 10-30 lbs sometimes more, it would be easier to stick to a normal fitness regimen that’s not as rigid. To do this kind of regimen, one has to strong willed and determined. No one is more determined that a bride to be trying to lose inches to fit in their perfect wedding dress. That’s why bride fitness works. Most bride fitness wellness programs combine both workouts and diet at the same time.

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