Bridal handkerchief weddings

Bridal handkerchief

A bride should definitely not use tissue paper when she walks down the aisle. Her cute embroidered pouch that matches her bridal gown should contain a bridal handkerchief. There are cute ones with intricate embroidery that compliments the color theme of the wedding. Others have cut out designs. These hankies are not just for show. She will need it to wipe away a few tears – her own or that of the groom.
The bridal handkerchief will of course be kept as a souvenir together with the bridal dress, the pouch and the rest of the bridal paraphernalia. Make sure it is clean before storing it in a box or garment bag. For sure there will be stains from the wayward wedding cake crumb or the wet grass where you posed for a bridal picture. Let a professional cleaner take care of that. Years from now you will discover it in the attic and remember the time when your waist line was just this big.

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